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Hola Ya'll!


It's me, Lena S., back this time with a little bit of motivation for ya! If you're anything like me, you get a chuckle or two out of some of the silly memes floating around these days on Facebook and Instagram, or you may even get a little bleary-eyed at a nostalgic quote or two.


I've been collecting random Girl Power quotes and screenshots for the last several years. I'm sure you all have tons of foolishness stored in your phones, too. Some of these are famous quotes, others are the random thoughts of various constituents on my social media timelines and feeds. Some have authors, owners or creators, some are unknown and others I made myself.


Hoping you get a giggle, but I'll settle for a smile, as you flip though these sometimes touching, sometimes a little potty-mouthed and most times a bit sarcastic, posts.


As women, we are either mushy, naïve pushovers or we put on a rock-hard exterior. We are expected to put an H on our backs and just handle whatever catastrophes come our way. Many times our sense of self takes a back burner to kids, a spouse, family, a career, etc, and we don't really take the time to know or express our true selves. It's okay to sometimes not feel 'okay.' And we have to learn to sit in that space, recognize it, LEARN from it and move on from it.


Life lessons bring wisdom. And this little

book is filled with glorious nuggets of

wisdom that I'm passing on to you.

Welcome to my world!


See ya on the inside!



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