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What's Poppin USA | the SMALL business support network is just that, dedicated to supporting the SMALL business, and its owner. 


We assist in most facets of business development, start-up, identifying target market, brand development, social media navigation assistance, tutorials, and SO much more!

WPUSA Business Services

SMALL biz book review

Need something a little more hands-on?

Try our WPUSA Business Development program on for size. It's a FULL YEAR of hands-on business assistance, from the ground, upwards. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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Meet the Staff

Lena S.

Lena S.

HHIC | Head Hostess in Charge

Salina Thompson

Salina Thompson

Project Manager |

Customer Relatonship Manager

Dani Crawford

Danielle Crawford

Volunteers Coordinator

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Social Media Manager

We've got SMALL business in the BAG!

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