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Review time

When is the last time you took stock and inventory of your business?

I'm not talking about physical inventory or physical products. What I am referring to is your businesses processes and programs and overall health.

What is working for your business and what is not working for your business? Although all great ideas take time to develop and come to fruition, it is advisable for you to review your business dealings at least twice a year.

Maybe you have implemented programs or products that you thought would fly off of the shelf, and all you have gotten is crickets instead. Maybe you introduced something by mistake and it took off. Maybe the one thing that you've been trying to get off the ground for the last bit, isn't it.

Although time consuming, your business needs a health checkup every so often, just like your own self and physical body does. Some things go out of whack and we have to corral them back in. Some things break and we have to fix them. Some things need better attention and additional maintenance.

We are now 6 months into 2024.

Have you taken a look at your business this year yet?

What does your social media look like? Do you have an actual marketing campaign or do you just post willy-nilly?

What do your newsletter or client communications look like? Are they consistent?

Is your marketing and branding still appropriate for the direction and the feel of your business, or have you pivoted a little bit?

Are you still speaking the same language as your current clients or potential clients? Where is your fresh clientele coming from?

Are you in the same business space as you were 6 months ago? 12 months ago? Or even 5 years ago? You age, and so does your business.

Just a bit of food for thought.

It's time for your business health checkup!


Lena S.

HHIC Head | Hostess in Charge

What's Poppin' USA

W: 262-4POPPIN

C: 470-991-6324

*Business assistance available at

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