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Holiday market at Berkmar Wrap-up

SCREAMING a GIANT THANK YOU to all of the amazing vendors that showed up and showed out on Saturday, December 16th for our first Holliday Market at Berkmar!!!

The weather was yucky, the wrestling coach didn't have the bus drivers dio a good job and moving the buses from blocking the street view, and we didn't have as many shoppers as we would have liked.... BUT all of that being said, you braved the day and supported the kiddos! With your vendor booth donation, we were able to write a check for $1150, even though only $1000 was presented on the actual check. (We gave a little extra for the custodians having to clean up and tidy up and move chairs and tables for us. 😁)

So I THANK you.

I do want to add that paid advertising was done on Facebook and Instagram, and the free marketing promotions were done on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, alignable, LinkedIn, Berkmar High School Facebook page, the Berkmar High School digital sign out front of the building, the Berkmar High School parent newsletter and there is a physical banner hanging on the front fence by the bus drivers wanted sign. Oh, emails were sent to staff and flyers were posted inside the school building. Whew! 😁

If any of you missed it and would still like to participate, here is the link to the FEEDBACK SURVEY about the market for the VENDORS, and I BEG you to PLEASE COMPLETE IT so we know where we stand and what we can improve on for the 2024 Holiday Market.

Some of you have already made your selections, and your voices are heard.

I have actually put out surveys across various social media platforms, questioning whether a higher vendor fee with paid advertisement on the TV and radio or lower vendor fees relying only on word of mouth and social media?

Almost unanimously small business owners have come back with LOWER VENDOR FEES with free marketing on all social media platforms and word of mouth.... I will continue to monitor the results and post them for all to see by the end of the weekend.

Take the survey


Work with Lena

For those that answered YES to working with me, please book a FREE CHAT so we can discuss what you need!

Hope to hear from you either way and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 🎄


Lena S.

HHIC Head | Hostess in Charge

What's Poppin' USA

T: 262-4POPPIN

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