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What's Poppin' Nation

'Opportunities' is our MIDDLE name! Here are some fabulous resources, opportunities to expand your current business reach and visibility.

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Want to enjoy the perks of being part of the fastest growing SMALL business platform? Refer & Earn by being a Brand Affiliate!​ Earn on ​Vendor Registration Fees, Paid Guest Tickets, Merchandise, Affiliate and Brand Ambassadors and future stuff in the works!!!

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Poppin' Points is What's Poppin' USA's Loyalty program! Earn Points with every dollar spent, and redeem for merchandise, event tickets or even a chat booking with Lena S.!

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Everyone needs a little assistance at some point in their business journey. No man or woman is an island, and neither is their Brand. It takes collaboration, hutzpah, and sometimes even just a business ear to bounce ideas off of!

Book a chat with us today! 

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