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Teachable Maker's Moment

Have you ever encountered a situation, a teachable moment?

In my daily, I deal with a myriad of small businesses between service providers and product makers.

This is for the makers.

When someone places a custom order from you, and there is an error on your part, on the makers part, it is unwise to add further insult to injury, by charging the customer to fix your error.

Small businesses don't typically have stellar cash flow, and we have to make ends meet and use our materials wisely. As a fellow business owner, I understand this, and, I believe most people would agree with this statement.

However, when an order is placed and you make a mistake of not including something in the order that was requested, or you make an error or there is a quality issue with the product you provided, please take accountability for your blunder.

Do NOT charge the customer additional fees or charges to complete the project to satisfaction. Not taking accountability for an error, that is not the customer's error, causes friction and the loss of that particular customer.

Why would you penalize the customer for an error that you made, or the business made?

Just some food for thought for people who do make products, especially those made to order customized or personalized products. Business is business. This is not a feelings or criticizing moment, this is about ethics and integrity and accountability for your actions in your business.

*steps down off soapbox*



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