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Little story here

So I look like a hot mess today. I've been trapped in the house and my son decided he wanted me to pick him up from school early. But this time I had to go inside of the building, which I clearly forgot before I jumped in the car.

As I was at the attendance desk checking him out, here comes the principal of his school. I've been meaning to chat with him and he was right there in my line of sight and our eyes connected. I turned my back with my kid and went to walk out the door and I stopped myself.

I marched right back up to him and apologized for my appearance IMMEDIATELY. He chuckled and apologized for his... He was wearing a suit and tie, LOL.

I got two GIANT YESES and two big old blessings.

I proposed two specific programs to him and on the spot, my gift of gab and shining personality (haha) let him overlook my crazy garb of the day and gave me two thumbs up for the go ahead for programming at the high school.

The lesson for today... The opportunity is what you make it. People can look past what's on the outside to get to the inside, but you have to know your stuff to pull it off!



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