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Better late, than regretting you didn't go

This morning did NOT start off so hot. I was scheduled for my first visit to the Gwinnett Entrepreneur Center for a networking Breakfast, however, my son has a chronic issue with NOT getting his butt up to be at school on time.

Anyone living anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area knows that traffic stinks - and if you leave late, it BIG stinks. Needless to say, we left late. 😐

Not only does my son mosey slower than molasses, but he's spoiled and requires door-to-door-service to the school entrance. 😐

Traffic was borderline ridiculous this morning. 12 minutes to get from Pleasant Hill Road to on North Perry Street. I'd never make it.

I contemplated not going to network as frustration was ALL over my face and the military in me still thrives on punctuality for myself. But I did go. I arrived 5 minutes late, and guess what?

  • I gained a potential bartering of services and collaborating buddy

  • I gained and booked a potential client

  • And I completed a graphic design project for another client

  • I may have a potential workshop (teaching) opportunity

Moral of my story? Life happens. Sometimes you just have to make adjustments on the fly. And sometimes it's just our insecurities and uncomfortableness that's stopping us from moving forward.

How many opportunities have passed you by because you didn't stop out of your comfort zone?

Think twice before you make the excuses - It's cold outside.

It's too late.

It's too early.

I'm too tired.

I don't have anything to wear.

I'm not really prepared.

I don't have any business cards.....

so WHAT!?!???? 😁



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