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Stuck on your entrepreneurial journey?

Stuck on your entrepreneurial journey?

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Presenting the SMALL Business Book Series!

Most SMALL business owners are skeptical and sometimes scared; scared of being taken advantage of, and skeptical of the offering of 'assistance' that is out there. Most 'help' is under the guise of a hidden agenda, with some sort of high dollar or high ticket item as the outcome. This has happened to me countless times, leaving me totally frustrated and feeling a bit hopeless, if not totally. exasperated. I felt like I totally wasted time navigating and clicking and reading, just to be asked to pay TONS of money that I DON'T have!


At What's Poppin' USA, we pride ourselves on easing the skepticism and taking a hands-on approach with the SMALL business owner. We provide FREE and low-cost resources via a myriad of delivery methods for the utmost retention for our SMALL business owners.


While some folks are visual learners, others are auditory and still others must actually read it for themselves to retain the information. Our resources encompass both the visual, auditory and the "I just gotta read it for myself" type of learner,  thus making the SMALL business journey and navigating this roller coaster a bit less complicated and a bit less stressful. You can find books, videos, and podcasts and a plethora of different resource materials, all catered to the SMALL business and its magnificent owner.

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Our SMALL Business Book Series

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